A brief response to Yasir Qadhi’s pathetic and futile tirade against the Scholar and Reviver of the Sunnah, Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhāb (died 1206 AH)

This ignorant, untruthful innovator, Yasir Qadhi, speaks in a video, whilst waving his hands as if excited over a new discovery, about the differences between Ibn Taymiyyah (died 728H) and Ibn Abdul-Wahhāb (died 1206H). He claims, “There are profound differences between the two of them. The most important one is Ibn Taymiyyah did not make takfīr of his opponents that did the same things that the opponents of Ibn Abdul-Wahhāb did, and he made takfīr of them and made permissible the spilling of their blood (halāl ad-damm).” Qadhi says, less than a minute later, that Ibn Abdul-Wahhāb considered himself, “To be the only Muslim in the world… this is a level of fanaticism and takfīr, is a level of neo-khārijism that I simply cannot tolerate. To consider the entire Ummah to be kāfir and mushrik other than yourself is not mainstream Islam…” Then, after thoroughly reviling this scholar, he goes on to proclaim his love and respect for Ahlul-Bid’ah. Qadhi states: “My heart has nothing negative and evil now against somebody who’s an Ash’ari or a Māturudi, or a Tablighi, or a Deobandi, or a Jamāti, or an Ikhwāni. All of these groups have good in them, all of them. And they might have some bad as well….” (Recorded webinar with Yasir Qadhi)

Definition: Takfīr of a Muslim is to declare him to be an unbeliever, outside the fold of Islam.

This is a deliberate and orchestrated attempt by Yasir Qadhi to peddle his falsehood and ascribe to Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhāb that which he is innocent of.

1. Clear Speech of Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhāb Concerning the Takfīr of Muslims

From the accusations levelled by the enemies of Tawhīd and Sunnah against the noble scholar, the reviver of the Religion in his era, Shaikhul-Islam Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhāb (may Allah’s mercy be upon him) is that he made unjustified takfīr of Muslims and declared the ummah to be unbelievers, and that there are no Muslims other than him and those with him. This accusation has now been regurgitated by this deceitful misguided innovator, Yasir Qadhi. After years of drinking from the cesspool of a narrow-minded orientalist interpretation of Islam that seeks to malign its purity and aggrandise views that cast doubts at the methodology of the Prophets and the people of Hadīth, he now spouts the same rhetoric as the enemies of Islam and fights in their corner against Ahlut-Tawhīd was-Sunnah. Qadhi claims that Shaikhul-Islam Ibn Abdul-Wahhāb made takfīr upon the whole ummah, leaving no one! Read now the words of Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhāb and judge for yourselves. Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhāb stated:

1. “So, if we do not make takfīr upon the one who worships the shrine over the grave of Abdul-Qādir [Al-Jilāni], or the shrine over the grave of Ahmad Al-Badawi and their likes due their ignorance, and in the absence of someone who can inform them [of their error], then how could we possibly make takfīr upon the one who does not associate partners in worship with Allah or upon the one who does not migrate to us… How free you are, O Allah, from all imperfections, the Most Perfect. Indeed this is a great slander.” [1]

2. Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhāb (may Allah’s mercy be upon him) said in reply to Sulaymān Ibn Suhaym who accused the Shaykh of takfīr: “Indeed Allah knows that this man has fabricated lies against me by ascribing to me what I never said, and most of which have never even occurred to me! From them is his claim that I invalidate the books of the Four Madhhabs, and that I say that the people (i.e. the ummah) has been upon nothing (i.e. no Islam) for 600 years! And that I make takfīr of the one who makes Tawassul (seeks nearness to Allah) through the righteous ones [who have passed away]. He claims that I made takfīr of Al-Busayri… and that I said that whoever swears by other than Allah is an unbeliever… My answer to all of this is: ‘How free you are, O Allah, from all imperfections, the Most Perfect. Indeed this is a great slander.’ And before this, there were those who slandered the Messenger Muhammad (ﷺ) claiming that he had reviled Jesus the son of Mary (may Allah’s peace be upon them) and that he reviles the righteous. So their hearts resemble one another in their fabrication of lies and bearing false witness.” [2]

So these are the clear words of Shaykhul-Islām Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhāb (may Allah’s mercy be upon him). Compare them to the lies and fabrications of this pseudo-academic, Yasir Qadhi who is merely a utensil for the enemies of Tawhīd and the Sunnah.

2: Another Quote from Shaykh Ibn Abdul-Wahhāb in Refutation of the Accusations of Takfīr

Shaykh Al-Islām, Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhāb (may Allah’s mercy be upon him) stated:

“And I do not testify for anyone from the Muslims [by name] that he is [definitely] in Paradise or in the Fire except for whoever Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) testified. However, I have hope for the doer of good and I fear for the sinner. And I do not accuse ANYONE from the Muslims of being an UNBELIEVER due to a sin, and NOR DO I EXPEL HIM FROM THE FOLD OF ISLAM. [3]



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3. ibid. p. 116. And this was from a letter that the Shaykh wrote to the people of Qasīm in Najd entitled, Ar-Risālah ilā Ahlil-Qasīm. (From verified manuscripts).

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