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Intercession (Shafaa`ah) In Islaam: The Permissible And Impermissible: Shaikh Ahmad an-Najmee’s “Kitaab at-Tawheed” Chapter 16

“Ash-Sharh al-Moojaz al-Mumahhad li Tawheed al-Khaaliq al-Mumajjad alladhi allafahu Shaikhul-Islaam Muhammad” (The Concise, Simple and Straight-forward Explanation of the Tawheed of the Exalted Creator – which was Authored by the Shaikhul-Islaam Muhammad b. Abdul-Wahhaab) This [read on…]

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Calling Upon The One In The Grave To Intercede With Allaah? Sin or Shirk? Ibn Baaz

Question: May Allaah bestow upon you good O Shaikh. The one who comes to a grave, and requests from the deceased that he make Du’aa (supplicate) to Allaah for him? Answer: This is Shirk (idolatry), because the [read on…]