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This World is the Abode of Imaan and Islaam, by Al-Barbahaaree, Explanation of Al-Fawzaan

Imaam Abu Muhammad Al-Hasan b. `Alee b. Khalaf al-Barbahaaree (died 329H, rahimahullaah) stated in his Sharhus-Sunnah (point 39): واعلم بأن الدنيا دار إيمان وإسلام وأمة محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم فيها مؤمنون مسلمون في أحكامهم ومواريثهم وذبائحهم والصلاة [read on…]

Christianity and Judaism

Greeting and Interacting with the Jews, Christians and Pagans ―Even if they are oppressive

Shaikhs Al-Albaanee, Ibn Baaz, Ibn ‘Uthaimeen & the Salaf on how to Greet and Interact with Non-Muslims Shaikhul-Islaam, al-Muhaddith: Muhammad Naasir ad-Deen al-Albaanee (rahimahullaah) stated: “Al-Bukhaaree reported in al-Adab al-Mufrad (no. 1101) with an authentic chain of narration: Abu [read on…]

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Ahmad an-Najmee’s Kitaab at-Tawheed Chapter 5: The Explanation of Tawheed and the Shahaadah “Laa ilaaha illallaah”

“Ash-Sharh al-Moojaz al-Mumahhad li Tawheed al-Khaaliq al-Mumajjad alladhi allafahu Shaikhul-Islaam Muhammad” (The Concise, Simple and Straight-forward Explanation of the Tawheed of the Exalted Creator – which was Authored by the Shaikhul-Islaam Muhammad b. Abdul-Wahhaab) This [read on…]