Shaikh Rabī’ refutes Abdul-Haqq Baker and Brixton specifically for their partisanship to the innovators, Ali Hasan Al-Halabī and Abul-Hasan Al-Ma’ribī

Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Hādī Al-Madkhalī (hafidhullāh) speaks concerning Brixton Mosque and Abdul-Haqq Baker:   The Imām of Hadīth and Sunnah, the ‘Allāmah, Ash-Shaikh Rabī’ Ibn Hādī Al-Madkhalī (hafidhahullah) on Abdul-Haqq Baker and Brixton Mosque: Shaikh [read on…]

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Dawah History in the West

1995: End Of The JIMAS Era, One Year Before The Inception Of Salafi Publications

In the name of Allaah, the Most Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy. Salafi Da’wah in 1995: A First-Hand Account One year before the inception of Salafi Publications End of the JIMAS Era: Beginnings of the [read on…]