Rebuking Ahlul-Bid’ah from the Mimbar & in Khutbahs

Rebuking Ahlul-Bid’ah from the Mimbar & in a Khutbah

What is related in the books of ‘aqeedah1 is that the first who is known to have made apparent his denial of the Speech of Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, was Ja’d Ibn Dirham (ex. 124H) and this was at the end of the era of Banu ‘Umayyah. So when he made open his wicked speech, the rulers of Banu Umayyah called for him, so he fled to Koofah in Iraaq. He was arrested and then executed on the day of ‘Eid by Khaalid ibn ‘Abdullaah al-Qusree, a representative of Banu ‘Umayyah in Koofah. During the course of his Khutbah to the people, he said:

“O people! Sacrifice! May Allaah accept your sacrifices, and indeed I will sacrifice Ja’d ibn Dirham! Indeed he claims that Allaah did not take Ibraaheem as a friend (i.e. as a khaleel); and that He did not speak to Moosaa directly, High is Allaah, the Exalted, the Great, above what Ja’d is saying…”

Then al-Qusree descended and executed Ja’d at the foot of the Mimbar.

The scholars of ahlus-Sunnah such adh-Dhahabee, Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Katheer and Ibnul-Qayyim have mentioned this story, and praised Khaalid al-Qasree for his rebuttal and punishment of Ja’d bin Dirham in front of the general masses, from the pulpit. Furthermore, al-‘Allaamah ‘Ubaid al-Jaabiree was asked in the “Maktabah Salafiyyah Dawrah May 2010” about refuting ahl-bid’ah by name in the Friday Khutbah, he replied that it was permitted so at to warn the people from those who call to misguidance. Shaikh Muhammad al-Anjaree stated that Allaah’s Messenger (salallaahu ‘alaihi wassallam) would warn his Companions from bid’ah every Jumu’ah in a time when there was no bid’ah! So should we not do so now when we are sorrounded by bid’ah and its people?!


[1] See Sharh Usool I’tiqaad Ahlis-Sunnah 2/382, al-Bidaayah wan-Nihaayah 9/35, Fatawaa Ibn Taimiyyah 12/26, al-Wasaa’il fee Ma’rifatil-Awaa’il 121.

[2] See al-Bidaayah wan-Nihaayah 9/35, Mizaan al-I’tidaal of adh-Dhahabee 1/399.


A response to the unknown ignoramus who claims that the Scholars did not praise Khalid al-Qasree for what he said and did from the Mimbar of rebuke and execution of Ja’d ibn Dirham in 124AH. Rather the scholars of ahlus-Sunnah are agreed in their praise and thanks of Khalid al-Qusree for his act.

Ijmaa’ upon the Taabi’een and those who came after regarding the kufr of Ja’d b. Dirham based upon his claim that Allaah did not take Ibraaheem (‘alaihi salaam) as His close friend, and his denial that Allaah spoke to Moosaa (‘alaihi salaam) directly. So Khaalid al-Qusree executed him on the day of Eid al-Adhaa.

Ibn al-Qayyim (d. 752) wrote some lines of poetry in praise of Khaalid for this act in his al-Kaafiyatush-Shaafiyah fil-Intisaar lil-Firqatin-Naajiyah. Furthermore Shaikhul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah states in Talbees al-Jahmiyyah (604-5) and in Minhaaj as-Sunnah (3/165) the gratitude of the ‘ulamaa for what Khalid al-Qusree did, not one criticising him for his act, neither his speech nor his execution of this stubborn heretic.

أجمع التابعين ومن بعدهم على كفر الجعد بن درهم – الذي أنكر أن يكون الله قد اتخذ ابراهيم خليلا أو كلم موسى تكليما فذبحه خالد القسري في يوم عيد الأضحى قربة لله وكانت نعم الأضحية في هذا العيد التضحية بهذا الكافر العنيد فقال عنه ابن القيم في الكافية الشافية في الانتصار للفرقة الناجية

ولأجل ذا ضحى بجعد خالد الـ — ـقسري يوم ذبائح القربان

إذ قال إبـراهيم ليـس خليله — كلا ولا موسى الكليم الدان

شكر الضحيةَ كلُ صاحب سنة — لله دَرُّك من أخي قربــان

فذكر رحمه الله إجماع أهل السنة على استحسان قتل خالد للجعد ، وأن جميع أهل السنة شكروه على هذا الصنيع

فما أحوجنا اليوم الى من يحمل لواء السنة ويكون مثل خالد القسري -أمير المشرق – كما سماه شيخ الإسلام ابن تيمية – رحمه الله – في ( تلبيس الجهمية 4/604-605) . وقال عن قتله للجعد : ” وشكره العلماء على ذلك ” . وقال في ( منهاج السنة 3 / 165) : ” قتله – أي الجعد – خالد بن عبدالله القسري برضا علماء الإسلام ” . خاصة إذا علم القارئ من هم أسلاف الطاعنين .


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