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Purification of the Soul

If you find within yourself one who commands you with disobedience, miserliness and sexual immorality: that is Shaitān. By Shaikh Ibn ‘Uthaimeen

“If you find within yourself one who is always commanding you with disobedience, miserliness, immoral and lewd sexual conduct – then that is the Shaitān. It is therefore upon you to seek refuge with Allāh [read on…]

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Extremism & Terrorism

Jihād against the innovators: writing, speaking and warning against them is better than Jihād on the battlefield against non-Muslims! That was the Manhaj of the Salaf!

Al-Harawee reported in Dhammul-Kalām with his chain of narration to Nasr Ibn Zakariyyah who said: I heard Muhammad Ibn Yahyā adh-Dhuhlee saying: I heard Yahyā Ibn Yahyā saying: “Defence of the Sunnah is better than Jihād [read on…]

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Ad-Dārimee (d. 280H): Whoever contends the fact that Allāh will be seen with the eyes is a Jahmee: Quotes from: Ahmad Ibn Hanbal (d. 241H), Wakee’ & Bukhāree

Abu Sa‛eed Uthmān Ibn Sa‛eed ad-Dārimee (d. 280H) said: ‛Alee Ibn Khashram [1] wrote to me and said: “Whoever contends with the hadeeth of ar-Ru’yah (seeing Allāh with one’s eyes on the Day of Judgement) [read on…]

40 Hadeeth Harawee

Chapter 15: Affirming Al-Hadd (الحد) for Allah: that He is separate from the creation; and close to them with His knowledge: By Abu Ismā`īl Al-Harawee (d. 481H)

The following are chapters from Shaikhul-Islām Abu Ismā`īl Al-Harawī’s: “The Book Of Forty Narrations In The Evidences Of Tawhīd” (Born 396H and died 481H -rahimahullāh) This compilation is an amazing series of narrations in the establishment of [read on…]


Marriage contracts: What is allowed for women and what is not. “The Book of Marriage, Bulūgh al-Marām” (no. 995) – Shaikh al-Fawzān

Title: Kitaabun-Nikaah (The Book of Marriage) from Shaikh Saalih al-Fawzaan’s explanation of Buloogh al-Maraam min Adillatil-Ahkaam of Al-Haafidh Ahmad Ibn `Alee Ibn Hajr al-Asqalaanee (Born 773H, Died 852H). Shaikh Al-Fawzaan’s tremendous explanation is entitled Tas-heel [read on…]