Fasting (Siyām)

Fasting of Muharram and the day of ‘Āshoorā: by Shaikh Abdul-Azīz Ibn Bāz (rahimahullāh)

The virtues and fiqh of ‘Āshoorā: by Shaikh Ibn Bāz  متى يبدأ صيام شهر المحرم أو صيام عاشورا، هل يبدأ في أول المحرم، أو في وسطه، أو في آخره، وكم عدد صيامه؟ لأني سمعت أن [read on…]


Understanding The Names and Attributes of Allah: Al-Imām Ibn Abdul-Barr (rahimahullāh)

Understanding The Names & Attributes of Allaah  Al-Haafidh Ibn Abdul-Barr al-Anduloosee al-Maalikee (born 368H) stated in at-Tamheed (7/145): “Ahlus-Sunnah are in agreement upon acknowledging and affirming that all of the Attributes mentioned in the Qur’aan [read on…]