Where is Allaah? Ibn al-Mubaarak (died 181H)

Alee ibn Hasan ibn Shaqeeq (d.215H) said: I said to Ibn al-Mubaarak (d.181H), “How are we to know our Lord?” He said: “He is above the Seventh Heaven, over His Throne. And it is not to be said as the Jahmiyyah say: Allaah is right here on earth.”

(Saheeh: al-Bukhaaree: Khalq Af’aal al-‘Ibaad, p.6, adh-Dhahabee: al-Arba’een fee Sifaat Rabbil-‘Alameen, no. 10, ad-Daarimee: ar-Radd ‘alal-Mareesee, p. 103, Ibn Battah: Ibaanah, p. 232, Ibnul-Qayyim: Ijtimaa’ al-Juyoosh al-Islaamiyyah, p. 44, 83)

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