“I am going to India for the purpose of da’wah. If they see me raising my voice with the āmeen and raising my hands in the prayer, they’ll say: ‘This is a Wahābī’…” Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Ibraheem advises.

The noble Shaikh, Sālih Ibn ‘Abdul-‘Azīz Ālush-Shaikh said: “One of the callers to Islam wrote a letter to my grandfather, the eminent scholar, Muhammad Ibn … Continue reading

The Hadīth and the Sunnah (Islam 1.7)

1.7 Islam: The Hadīth And The Sunnah Hadith Hadith (plural: Ahādīth) refers to the statements, actions and tacit approvals that have been reported from the … Continue reading

What it means to be steadfast upon Islam and the Sunnah (Al-Istiqāmah)

All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. It is He who has commanded with Al-Istiqāmah and upon that He established a tremendous … Continue reading

Part 1: Hadeeth Science and Literature: Context, History and its Importance

We begin today a new lesson that is an introduction to the Sciences of Hadith and an introduction to early hadeeth literature. And this is … Continue reading

Mixing with a sinner or an innovator: Which is worse? Ibn Taymiyyah and Sa’eed Ibn Jubayr

Sa’eed Ibn Jubayr (rahimahullaah) said: “That my son should accompany a sinful highway robber who is a Sunnee is more beloved to me than him … Continue reading

What is Our Call (Da’wah)? Pure and Clear

 Our Da’wah We call, first and foremost, to the worship of Allaah alone, without associating partners with Him. This was the starting point of the … Continue reading

Ever Heard Of A Righteous Man Having An Evil Ending? Imām ash-Shātibī (d. 790H)

In the name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy. Ever Heard Of A Righteous Man Having An Evil Ending? Imaam ash-Shātibī (d. … Continue reading

Sharhus-Sunnah of al-Barbahaaree: Yunus bin Ubayd Advises his Son that Sin is better than Bid’ah

Sharh us-Sunnah of Imaam Al-Barbahaaree (died 329AH, rahimahullaah) | The Explanation of the Creed Yunus bin Ubayd on the Company of Innovators and Sinners The Imaam … Continue reading