Ad-Dārimee (d. 280H): Whoever contends the fact that Allāh will be seen with the eyes is a Jahmee: Quotes from: Ahmad Ibn Hanbal (d. 241H), Wakee’ & Bukhāree

Abu Sa‛eed Uthmān Ibn Sa‛eed ad-Dārimee (d. 280H) said: ‛Alee Ibn Khashram [1] wrote to me and said: “Whoever contends with the hadeeth of ar-Ru’yah… Continue reading

Abu Sa’eed Uthmān ad-Dārimī (d. 280H): Whoever does not believe in the Seeing of Allah on Judgement Day will be screened from Him!

Abu Sa’eed Uthmān ad-Dārimī (rahimahullāh) said: “Whoever does not believe in the seeing of Allāh (ar-Ru’yah) and does not wish or hope for it will be… Continue reading

Chapter 5: Allaah appeared to the mountain: Refuting those who wish to suppress the Hadeeth of Allaah’s Attributes: Abu Ismaa`eel Al-Harawee (d. 481H)

The following is a chapter from Shaikhul-Islaam Abu Ismaa`eel Al-Harawee’s (rahimahullaah, 396 – 481H): “The Book Of Forty Narrations In The Evidences Of Tawheed” This compilation is… Continue reading

“Whoever claims that he saw his Lord in this world is a disbeliever..” Sharhus-Sunnah, Al-Barbahaaree, Explanation of Al-Fawzaan.

Imaam Abu Muhammad Al-Hasan b. `Alee b. Khalaf al-Barbahaaree (died 329H, rahimahullaah) stated in his Sharhus-Sunnah (point 43): ومن زعم أنه يرى ربه في دار الدنيا فهو كافر… Continue reading