Decisive Words from the ‘Allāmah, Shaykh Rabee’ Al-Madkhalī: “The Fitnah of the Sa’āfiqah”

Introduction: The term sa’āfiqah (singular: sa’fooq) is a derogatory term that refers to those possessing no capital with which to trade. In religious terms sa’fooq refers to… Continue reading

Ahlus-Sunnah, the Salafis, warn from associating and mixing with the People of Desires, the Innovators: By ash-Shaikh al-‛Allāmah Rabee’ al-Madkhalee

The Warning of Ahlus-Sunnah, the Salafīs, from Sitting and Mixing with the People of Desires, the Innovators By Shaikh Rabī’ Ibn Hādī al-Madkhalī (حفظه الله) Second… Continue reading