Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Hādī refutes Ibrahim Ar-Ruhayli for contradicting the Salaf in the issue of Tabdī of the Murji’ah Al-Fuqahā – Ibn Awn, An-Nakha’ī, Ibn Taymiyyah

Al-`Allāmah Muhammad Ibn Hādī stated during his explanation of Al-Ibānah as-Sughrā of Ibn Battah (rahimahullāh): “The author stated: “Ibn `Awn said..” and he is `Abdullāh Ibn `Awn, “…I… Continue reading

Signposts of Guidance for Youth who Seek the Truth

Know Your Worth O Youth Al-Baihaqee recorded in al-Madkhal ilas-Sunanil-Kubraa (no.679): “Abu ‘Aasim said: A youth from the people of knowledge was present the gathering of Sufyaan Ath-Thawree… Continue reading