The Status of Tawheed, Part 2: Foundations of Islamic Monotheism: Cure for the ailments in society

Lesson 2 All Praise is due to Allāh, we praise Him, seek His aid and His Forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allāh from the evils… Continue reading

Ahmad an-Najmee’s Kitaab at-Tawheed Chapter 2: Whoever Actualises Tawheed will enter Paradise without a Reckoning

“Ash-Sharh al-Moojaz al-Mumahhad li Tawheed al-Khaaliq al-Mumajjad alladhi allafahu Shaikhul-Islaam Muhammad” (The Concise, Simple and Straight-forward Explanation of the Tawheed of the Exalted Creator –… Continue reading