Concepts of Halāl and Harām as it relates to food and drink: (Islam 4.2)

Objectives: Explain and illustrate the concepts of halāl and harām. Halāl: is any action or thing which is permitted and lawful. Harām: is any act… Continue reading

Ibn Al-Qayyim on good food and good health – overeating, complex foods and poor health

The Prophet (salallaahu `alaihi wassallam) said: “The human being can fill no container worse than his belly. Sufficient for the son of Adam are so… Continue reading

Why I post health articles on my site and “Tips for Cancer Prevention”

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Top 10 Destructive Nutrition Lies Ever Told, Dr J Mercola

By Dr. Mercola  Source: There is no shortage of health advice out there, and no shortage of bad advice to go along with it.… Continue reading

Is it allowed to eat in the Masjid?

Alhamdulillaahi rabbil-‘aalameen, was-salaatu was-salaam ‘alaa Rasoolillaah, wa ba’d: Eating and drinking in the masjid takes the ruling of being mubaah (allowable), except if that which is… Continue reading