Refutation upon Ibrahim Ar-Ruhayli by the noble Scholar, Al-‘Allamah Muhammad Ibn Hadi in the issue of Jahm Ibn Safwan


Ash-Shaikh Al-`Allāmah Muhammad Ibn Hādī al-Madkhali (may Allah preserve him) said:

“Today we hear a repugnant saying wherein a person [i.e. Ibrahim Ruhayli] has said: Take from the one who speaks against Abul-Hasan al-Ma`ribi and from the one who does not speak against him – and splitting has occurred amongst the youth due to this affair. He then said: Rather if there is a person who does not declare Jahm Ibn Safwān (executed 128H) to be an innovator, take from him. If you are in need of taking from him, then take from him. If you find he has knowledge and you are in need, then take it from him.

Māshā’Allāh!! There is one who does not declare Jahm Ibn Safwān to be an innovator!? Then who is an innovator according to him?! Look at this – the affair began with the defence of Abul-Hasan al-Ma`ribi and ended with what?! With Jahm Ibn Safwān! And this comment of [Ibrahim ar-Ruhayli] is recorded with his voice.

A man who does not declare Jahm to be an innovator, then what good are you going to find with him? I ask you by Allāh!

Imām Ahmad Ibn Hanbal (rahimahullāh) said about Al-Hārith al-Muhāsibi: “This man! None knows him except one who is acquainted with him. So-and-so sat with him and left him convinced of the opinions of Jahm. So he was destroyed because of him.” So the one who who does not refute Jahm, and then you, O student of knowledge, go off and sit with him, what will you find with him? You likewise will leave him convinced by the opinions of Jahm due to him.

[Shaikh Muhammad recited some lines of poetry in condemnation of the ideology of Jahm]

The one who does not make tabdī` of Jahm (i.e. does not declare him to be an innovator) and Jahm is an astray unbeliever! Yet even tabdī` he does not make of him. Our Salaf as-Sālih made takfīr of Jahm! So these ones today (i.e. Ibrahim ar-Ruhayli) are upon falsehood.

So what good are you going to find with the one who does not make tabdī` of Jahm?! Indeed the least that is done with Jahm is tabdī`, but this one [who Ibrahim ar-Ruhayli allows you to take knowledge from] does not even make tabdī`. This is not except an evil saying. So he [ar-Ruhayli] left Abul-Hasan as he is and moved on to not seeing an issue with withholding from tabdī` of Jahm! And these people are considered to be upon Sunnah and Salafiyyah?! The one who looks at the likes of this speech and acts in accordance to it, and returns back with it – then what effect will he have upon the people? He will not affect them except by making them bold in leaving and deviating from the Salafi Manhaj.

This Manhaj was passed to us from our Salaf, and they strived in the protection of it with their blood and their health; one would be beaten due to it and another killed; another would be chained and yet another buried in his chains! All this due to their striving in support and aid of this Manhaj.

[Shaikh Muhammad recited some lines of poetry in praise of the hadeeth, it’s sciences and books]

So if they [ar-Ruhayli and those with him] want judgement between us, then here are the books of the sciences of hadīth before us, and the books of al-Jarh wat-Ta`dīl before us that contain criticism of the narrators. The conditions of the narrators has already been recorded in the books. As for the innovations then they remain in this Ummah. And the Prophet (salallāhu `alaihi wassallam) said: “There will never cease to be a group from this ummah aided upon the truth. They are unharmed by those who betray them and those who differ with them until there comes the command of Allāh and they will remain as such.” And in a narration he (salallāhu `alaihi wassallam) said, “They are manifest/apparent upon the truth..” This hadīth has different wordings but the meaning is the same. So what remains of this group alongside the seventy two other sects? It is the disparagement of Ahlul-Ahwā and Ahlul-bid`ah – and this will continue till the Hour is established…”

Taken and abridged from:  الردود السلفية على إبراهيم الرحيلي – كلام المشايخ

Look how Ibrahim ar-Ruhaylee takes the most extreme example to make his point which is: “Let us not differ between ourselves over what we hold regarding others.” In his view (and others like him) it does not matter if a person does not take a position against the most wicked of innovators – that should not lead to differing between the people! He takes the extreme example of Jahm Ibn Safwān to illustrate his point; i.e. “Let us not take a position against one who does not declare Jahm an innovator. In fact take knowledge from such a person.” And if that is case with the most extreme of innovators, “then of-course, you need not take a position against the innovators of today such as al-Ma`ribi and al-Halabi, and Safar and Salmān, etc.” So where is the allegiance and disavowment for the `aqīdah, the manhaj, and the Sunnah? Where then is the following of the proofs and evidences? Today more and more we are seeing people inventing principles and ideas to further their own agendas in opposition to the way of the Salaf. Individuals like ar-Ruhayli are taken by the hizbies as rallying calls; they invite him to their conferences and seminars because he has given them principles that their desires agree with, without any concern for the true Salafi Manhaj.

So this is the first in a series exposés regarding this corrupt methodology of at-tamyī` which seeks to water down the Salafi Manhaj and the distort the path of the early Salaf; whilst it opens doors to ahlul-bid`ah to enter and prey upon the youth of the ummah. We seek safety with Allah.

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  1. JazakAllahu Khair Ustadh,This was an excellent article, it really puts things into perspective and irons out any possible avenues that lead to doubt.

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