“I am going to India for the purpose of da’wah. If they see me raising my voice with the āmeen and raising my hands in the prayer, they’ll say: ‘This is a Wahābī’…” Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Ibraheem advises.

The noble Shaikh, Sālih Ibn ‘Abdul-‘Azīz Ālush-Shaikh said: “One of the callers to Islam wrote a letter to my grandfather, the eminent scholar, Muhammad Ibn … Continue reading

The Hadīth and the Sunnah (Islam 1.7)

1.7 Islam: The Hadīth And The Sunnah Hadith Hadith (plural: Ahādīth) refers to the statements, actions and tacit approvals that have been reported from the … Continue reading

What it means to be steadfast upon Islam and the Sunnah (Al-Istiqāmah)

All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. It is He who has commanded with Al-Istiqāmah and upon that He established a tremendous … Continue reading

Part 4: Hadeeth Science and Literature: Conditions of a Saheeh Hadeeth; Definitions: Musnad, Musannaf, Mu’jam, Sunan, Jaami’, etc.

2.0 The Accepted Report The categories of the accepted report (al-khabr al-maqbool): The two major categories of an accepted report are: Saheeh (“sound”) and Hasan (“good”). Each of these is … Continue reading

Part 2: Hadeeth Science and Literature: Isnaad, Matn, Hadeeth, Khabr and Athar

In part 1 we began the topic ‘An Introduction to the Sciences of Hadith and Early Hadith Literature,’ which was an introduction to the various … Continue reading

Part 1: Hadeeth Science and Literature: Context, History and its Importance

We begin today a new lesson that is an introduction to the Sciences of Hadith and an introduction to early hadeeth literature. And this is … Continue reading

The Amazing Reward of Giving Sadaqah and Being Charitable: A Noble Trait of the Prophet

  All Praise is due to Allāh, we praise Him, seek His aid and His Forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allāh from the evils of … Continue reading

Mixing with a sinner or an innovator: Which is worse? Ibn Taymiyyah and Sa’eed Ibn Jubayr

Sa’eed Ibn Jubayr (rahimahullaah) said: “That my son should accompany a sinful highway robber who is a Sunnee is more beloved to me than him … Continue reading

Blessing of Allaah upon a youth and safety from misguidance: Ibn Shawdhab and Yoosuf Ibn Asbaat

  Ibn Shawdhab (rahimahullaah) said: “From the blessings of Allaah upon a youth when he devotes himself to the Religion is that he befriends a person … Continue reading

Ever Heard Of A Righteous Man Having An Evil Ending? Imām ash-Shātibī (d. 790H)

In the name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy. Ever Heard Of A Righteous Man Having An Evil Ending? Imaam ash-Shātibī (d. … Continue reading