Muslim Attitudes to Alcohol and Intoxicants: The effect upon societies and individuals: (Islam 4.4)

Objectives: Consider and understand Muslim attitudes to alcohol and other intoxicants. Allah stated: “O you who believe, indeed, intoxicants (khamr), gambling, sacrificing on stone alters… Continue reading

The meat of the Muslims and the meat of the Jews and Christians – Halāl and Harām (Islam 4.3)

Objectives: Explore how food is prepared in Islam and the significance of food laws for Muslims today. Halāl: Allah stated: يَسْأَلُونَكَ مَاذَا أُحِلَّ لَهُمْ ۖ… Continue reading

A short and rare recording of Shaikh Ibn Bāz performing Ruqyah upon someone who is afflicted.

Here the Shaikh, the Imām, the Mujaddid, Abdul-Azeez Ibn Abdillāh Bāz (رحمه الله) performs ruqyah (recitation and invocation through which cure is sought from Allah).… Continue reading

Fat didn’t make you fat! It was the sugar and the refined carbohydrates! We were duped by the Sugar Conspiracy | Guardian report reveals all | Diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cholesterol 

Read this excellent Guardian Newspaper article here in full. Or listen to it here. Pivotal quotes: “In 1972, a British scientist (John Yudkin) sounded the… Continue reading

Audio (short clip): Good health, nutrition and disease control

A short clip explaining in simple and easy terms the importance of good health and disease control, by nutrition and health expert, Phillip Day:   The… Continue reading

Artificial Insemination (AI) from the husband or by a sperm donor (Ethics 1.7)

Artificial Insemination (AI) Artificial Insemination (AI) has been used in farming for many years as an easy way of ensuring that animals, especially cows, become… Continue reading

Euthanasia, Mercy Killing and Resuscitation: A Right to Die? (Ethics 1.5)

The word euthanasia comes from Greek, meaning “a good death”. It is also called “mercy-killing”. The intention is to help a person who is suffering… Continue reading

Ibn Al-Qayyim on good food and good health – overeating, complex foods and poor health

The Prophet (salallaahu `alaihi wassallam) said: “The human being can fill no container worse than his belly. Sufficient for the son of Adam are so… Continue reading

What are the principles of medicine with the scholars of Islam

Imam Ibnul-Qayyim (d.751 AH) laid down some mighty principles in his excellent work commonly known as “At-Tibb An-Nabawee” (The Prophetic Medicine) which is actually a part… Continue reading

Good Omens and Good Thoughts Regarding Allaah – Being optimistic when faced with troubles

Introductory note: Here are some English language (British) definitions of the usage of the term omen that help us to understand the intent of the… Continue reading