Aids to worship and prayer that are common in our times: Compass, Dhikr beads, Prayer mat, Mushaf stand, Phone apps: Islam 3.3

Objectives: Identify aids to worship and understand their use. The compass and prayer mat: Muslims can turn any suitable place into a musallā (place of … Continue reading

The Orlando Florida mass shootings and the Islamic position


Jesus the Messiah in Islam, in Christianity and in reality

The Status of Jesus in Islam & Christianity Christians and Muslims have differed for centuries over the nature and status of Jesus Christ. Both religions … Continue reading

Fasting in Ramadān: Its virtues, signs and rules: Uthaimīn, Fawzān and Rabee’ al-Madkhalī

Allāh obligated fasting upon the nation of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) just as He obligated it upon the previous nations, “O you … Continue reading

What is Hajj? An introduction, some rules and virtues (Islam 2.7)

The Hajj is the pilgrimage to Makkah and it is the fifth pillar of Islam. The pilgrimage is a sacred physical and spiritual journey made … Continue reading

What Fasting in the month of Ramadān means to Muslims (Islam 2.6)

DOWNLOAD PDF: Ramadan for beginners and non-Muslims What does fasting in Ramadan mean to Muslims? The fourth pillar of Islam is fasting (in Arabic: Siyām). It … Continue reading

Zakāh: The obligatory ‘poor due’ that must be paid by the rich to the poor (Islam 2.5)

The third pillar, zakaah, is only a duty for wealthier Muslims whose wealth has reached a minimum “threshold amount” that has been in their possession … Continue reading

Economics and Industry: The Causes of Poverty: Part 1 (Ethics 2.3)

Introduction: There are many reasons why some countries in the world are affected by poverty:  Lack of natural resources or natural disasters such as drought … Continue reading

The Ummah today: Characteristics of Less Economically Developed Countries: LEDCs (Ethics 2.2)

What is a Less Economically Developed Country? This is a country which is termed as poor and is in need of help from other countries … Continue reading

Care and the Community: The Ummah (Ethics 2.1)

Introduction: As we sit here, we don’t have to worry about clean drinking water because we have bottled water and safe tap water, but millions … Continue reading