Umrah Basics: begin with a ghusl (bath) and perfume: Ibn ‘Uthaimīn


Share this on WhatsAppUmrah is: Ihrām, Tawāf, Sa’ee, shaving or shortening the hair. As for Ihrām then it is the intention to enter into the ritual of umrah (or hajj) and to dress accordingly for that. The Sunnah for the one who intends umrah is that he makes ghusl as he would from sexual impurity (janābah), and then to perfume himself with the best perfume he can get hold of such as ‘Oud (aloeswood or agarwood) or something similar; applied … Continue reading

Cultivate the youth and do not sideline them: Shaikh Fawzān’s guidance to the youth

Share this on WhatsApp There is no doubt that the youth of the Ummah are foundations of the human building – upon which this Ummah is established. So the youth, they are the younger generation that will carry the responsibility after their fathers. The youth have within them bodily strength and thinking, they have talents and skills and aptitude that are new and modern that are not present in older people. The elder folk have wisdom and experience, whilst the … Continue reading

Life of a Muslim Youth Seminar: Troid | Masjid al-Furqān: Toronto, Canada 2016 – by Abu Iyād Amjad Rafiq

Share this on WhatsAppBismillāh wal-ḥamdulillāh. Over the past two weeks I along with Abu Khadījah (حفظه الله) had the pleasure of visiting our brothers for the sake of Allāh at Troid (Masjid al-Furqān). We thank the brothers Abū Zakī ʿUmar, Abū Sakīnah Aḥmad, Abū Rumayṣah,  Abū Anas Amīr, Abū Mujāhid Muḥammad, Muḥammad Sid, Munīb ʿAden and others for their warm company and hospitality and making our visit comfortable, pleasurable and memorable. A diverse community (Afghan, Albanian, Arab, Somālī, Pakistānī, Caribbean … Continue reading

Ahlus-Sunnah do not divide: that is the Methodolology of the Salaf

Share this on WhatsApp Shaikhul-Islām Ibn Taymiyyah (d. 728 AH) stated: “Allāh, the Most High, said: “And they shall not cease to differ except those on whom your Lord has bestowed His Mercy – and for that did He create them.” So He has stated that the people on whom mercy is bestowed do not differ. And the people on whom mercy is bestowed are the followers of the Prophets in both speech and action. They are the people of Qur’an and … Continue reading

Things that make a man happy and things that make him miserable: A tremendous hadeeth.

Share this on WhatsAppSa’d Ibn Abī Waqqās () stated that Allah’s Messenger () said:   “There are three things that bring about happiness and three that bring about misery. So from happiness is: A wife who when you look at her pleases you much; and when you are absent you still trust her with respect to herself and your wealth. A good easy riding beast that enables you to reach your companions. A spacious home that has much by way of … Continue reading

5 Minutes and 15 questions: A Survey of Global Salafis: Part II – Your input is valuable and will help shape attitudes towards Salafiyyah

Share this on WhatsAppAssalāmu alaikum wa rahmatullāh wa barakātuhu. Salafi brothers and sisters around the world: We are grateful to you for completing the first quick survey not so long ago. This next survey is even more important than the first as you will see from the questions. It asks about your community and your path to Salafiyyah. It is important to know the scholars, teachers, organisations and callers who aided you along the way to finding the truth. It is … Continue reading

Shaikh Wasiyullāh Abbās: his recommendation and support for Zakir Naik: 2016. Right or wrong?

Share this on WhatsAppAll praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds and may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon the Prophet, his family, his Companions and those who truly follow their way until the Day of Resurrection. On the 5th Shawwal 1437H (10th July 2016) Shaikh Wasiyullah Abbas issued a statement defending Zakir Naik and calling upon Muslims to aid him and support him. Within this recorded statement, he mentions what he sees as many of the … Continue reading

Your input is valuable: A survey of Salafis around the World: 10 simple questions in less than 5 minutes!

Share this on WhatsAppBefore you is a simple 10 question survey that will keep you anonymous but gives us valuable information that will be used for an important PhD research project (being conducted by a Salafi) looking into the conversion stories of Salafis from a variety of different backgrounds. Responses from both men and women are crucial here. Unfortunately, Salafis who adhere to the creed and methodology of Scholars such as Ibn Bāz, Al-Albānī, Ibn Uthaimīn, Muqbil Ibn Hādī, Sālih … Continue reading

The Orlando Florida mass shootings and the Islamic position

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Jesus the Messiah in Islam, in Christianity and in reality

Share this on WhatsAppThe Status of Jesus in Islam & Christianity Christians and Muslims have differed for centuries over the nature and status of Jesus Christ. Both religions revere him and both believe him to be of virgin birth. Both religions claim to know his true nature and purpose. Muslims believe that Christian leaders of old altered the scriptures in order to redefine the status of this noble and virtuous Prophet of Almighty God. In fact, eminent Christian theologians readily … Continue reading